CORSI International voice symposium
Salzburg, 24 - 26 Agosto 2018

International voice symposium

Care of the Professional Voice Innovation in Laryngology, Rehabilitation and Training
Honorary President:
Franco Fussi (I)
Honorary Board:
Helga Rabl-Stadler, Markus Hinterhäuser, Michael Schade, Philippe Dejonckere, Peter Simonischek, Robert Thayer Sataloff, Krzysztof Idzdebski, Vesselina Kasarova
Scientific Coordination:
Markus Hess (D)
Scientific Committee:
Orietta Calcinoni (I), Valentina Carlile (I), Eugenia Chavez (MEX), Philippe Dejonckere (B), Ilter Denizoglu (TR), Mario Diaz (A), Robin Dietz (D), Franco Fussi (I), Jackie L. Gartner-Schmidt (USA), Evamarie Haupt (A), Anna-Maria Hefele (A), Markus Hess (D), Yakubu Karagama (GB), Krzysztof Idzdebski (USA), Barbara Kirchner (A), Bodo Kirchner (A), Boris Kleber (D), Malte Kob (D), Seong Keun Kwon (KR), Rudolf Lackner (A), Jacob Lieberman (UK), Florian Michel (D), Čukic Ognjen (SRB), Bernhard Richter (D), John Rubin (GB), Joseph Schlömicher-Thier (A), Claudia Spahn (D), James P. Thomas (USA), Matthias Weikert (D), Gerrit Wohlt (D), Reinaldo Yazaki (BRA), Craig Zalvan (USA)
Course Directors:
Craig Zalvan, Matthias Weikert
CME Points:
For the events 20 CME points in the category “ENT” and 10 CME points in the category “Internal- and Family Medicine / Gastroenterology” will be awarded.
You can find a detailed overview on this page.
Hands-On Training:
Indirect Phonosurgery
Functional transnasal Endoskopy of the Esophagus in Silent Reflux and Dysphagia
Masterclass: Belcanto meets Pop and Rock
Natural Sound Tuning: from Overtone to Jew’s harp and Yodeling
Fees (includes CME):
Presymposium 24 August
Physicians: 300 Euro Presymposium alone (or 200 Euro if you register the full Symposium (after 30 May: 350/250 Euro)
Speech-Language Pathologists, Allied Heath Care Professionals: 200 Euro (or 180 Euro if you register the full Symposium (after 30 May: 250 Euro)
Symposium 25 August
Physicians: 400 Euro (after 30 May 2018: 450 Euro)
Speech-Language Pathologists, Allied Heath Care Professionals, Voice Teachers,: 260 Euro (320 Euro)
Clinical Speech Language Pathology Fellows, Grad Students: 170 Euro (250 Euro) – No CME/CEU credits
Social Programme
24 August: Voice Beer and Welcome Party (60 Euro)
25 August: Visit to the Salzburg Festival – Award Winners Concert YSP ( Young Singers Project), Stiftung Mozarteum (please book ASAP, limited Tickets – 60 Euro)

Date, Orari e Durata

24/08 07:30-13:00 14:30-19:30
25/08 07:30-12:45 14:00-17:45
26/08 07:30-14:30


Hotel Heffterhof
Maria Cebotari Straße 1-7
5020 Salzburg

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Informazioni e iscrizioni

Secretary: Rita Habermann
Mail: Fax: 0043/6216/4030-20
Info / Registration: (online available from November 2017)
AVI & IVCA: Salzburger Straße 7, 5202 Neumarkt / Austria
Hotel Reservation: e-Mail: