Call for Posters!

Give voice to innovation: learn how to show your ideas at La Voce Artistica
Are you a vocal coach? Are you a researcher in a topic about voice? Do you deal with voice? This year you don't have to lose the chance to present your innovative ideas at the most important event about voice: La Voce Artistica.
How can you do it? Here are the step to follow:
- Register yourself to the confress and ask to present your poster!
Here are the simple steps about how to ask to present your work:
1) Register to the congress
2) ask to present your poster sending an e-mail to (the deadline is the 1st of September 2017). Send the title of your work, a brief abstract (about 1000 characters) and the names of the authors
3) if your work is accepted, you will receive a comunication
4) at this point you can print your poster. The size fo the poster must be: vertical poster 100 cm x 70 cm
5) the title of your work will be published in the programme and you will receive a comunication about the day your poster can be presented and affixed in the Foyer of the Alighieri Theatre
6) from 5 p.m to 6.30 p.m. of the day of presentation, the partecipants and the speakers can meet you next to your poster to exchange idear and ask about your work. Don't forget to be there!
You could be the one to give an important inspiration for the voice topic in the Congress!